How to Add a Smiley Face to Your Profile Image

If you want to just add a smiley face as your image you just download an image of a smiley face & upload it as your profile picture.

However, if you want to add a smiley as a smaller badge image, you may have to do a tiny bit of photo editing or cut-and-pasting.

On FACEBOOK, it’s very easy. You can add a frame by going HERE: Adding a Profile Frame.

There’s a few frames already in the system that you can find by searching for:
“Smiles Matter”
“Bring Back The Smile”
“Reject Bad Science”

or you can always create your own smiley face frame as well. 🙂

For other social media, you’ll need to either:
1) Do a tiny bit of photo editing in any photo editor program you know how to use. You an use an app on your phone & add a smile face as a sticker, or if you’re working with a slightly more advanced program that uses layers, you can add a second layer of a smiley face onto your profile image.

2) Or, for the “Cheat Method” – after you’ve created a profile frame in facebook, go to your profile image, right click and “Save Image As”. This will save a lower resolution profile picture with the smiley face to your computer/phone, and then you’ll be able to upload that image to any other social media profile as well.

Looking for more ways to share the #SmilesMatter movement? See HERE & don’t forget to also get your smiley face buttons (and signs, car decals, etc) as well!