Wear a Smiley Face & Join the #SmilesMatter Movement!

Have you seen people wearing smiley face buttons and wondered what they’re about? Or wondered how you can join in on the effort to re-humanize faces and smiles?

It’s easy.

Grab a smiley face button. Wear it out in public as a symbol to others that you:
1) Miss & Value Smiles.
2) See people as humans, and not merely as scary pathogens to avoid.

When you see others with smiley face pins, smile back at them! Compliment them on their smiles. Connect as humans again!

That’s it.

That’s the smiley face pin movement in a nutshell.

It’s worldwide.

Join in.

Let’s re-humanize the smile.

Be bold.

Unmask Your Smile(y Face).

Still not sure what to think?