#SmilesMatter FAQ

Do you have any #SmilesMatter FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the smiley face movement? Here’s some answers:

What exactly is this “Smiley Face Movement”?
Learn more here: Wear a Smiley Face & Join the #SmilesMatter Movement!

What does it mean if I wear a smiley face button in public?
Wearing a smiley face button signifies that you:
1) Miss & Value Smiles.
2) See people as humans, and not merely as scary pathogens to avoid.

Do I wear a smiley face button with a mask or without?
You can do either!
Depending on your situation, you may need to wear a face covering while “unmaksing your smile(y face) button” or you may choose to wear both a real smile & smiley face button. 🙂
Either way, you’re showing to others that you value them & their smiles as more than just a pathogen to avoid out of fear.

Can I wear a mask with a smiley face button?

Can I go maskless and wear a smiley face button?

What’s the difference between a pin and a button?
Pin, Button, Pin-back button, pinback button, pin button, button badge, pin-back, badge – they all mean the same thing.

Where did this idea start?
See here: How #SmilesMatter Started

What should I do if I see someone wearing a smiley face button in public?
Smile back at them! Make eye contact. Say hello. Tell them you like their smile(y face). See them as people, not just germs. Connect as humans again…like how we used to, pre-Covid restrictions. That world can be ours again!

Do I have to change my social media profile picture to a smile in order to participate?
There’s not really any “rules” to participation, but yes, adding a smile to your social media profiles is a good way to let your online friends/family know that you want to see their smiles & consider them to be more than just germs as well.

How do I add a #SmilesMatter icon to my social media profile?
Coming Soon.

Where do I order smiley face buttons to wear/pass out to others?
See here: Where To Buy Smiley Face Buttons
Additionally, we’re working on a Zazzle storefront where you can purchase other items if you’d like such as car decals, yard signs, etc. Coming Soon.

How can I share more about the #SmilesMatter movement?
Here’s some helpful cards you can print out and hand out: Printable #SmilesMatter Share Cards
Coming soon: A list of ways to share to social media, including popular hashtags & sharable images.