Where To Buy Smiley Face Buttons

So you’re ready to join the #SmilesMatter movement! Awesome and Welcome! You might be wondering where to buy smiley face buttons show that you can show your support in public.

One of the best things about smiley face buttons is that they are ubiquitous and can be found almost anywhere! While they can be purchased online through many big box stores, many people are (rightly) concerned with putting more money into places like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Below you can find where to buy smiley face buttons that aren’t big box stores, buy you can certainly look around to find them anywhere you usually shop.

And if you can’t find yellow buttons, you’re welcome to substitute any color or even stickers too!

(all places listed below are primarily U.S. based, but many ship internationally. If you’re located elsewhere but have a great source to order from, please let me know & I’ll add it). Also adding that I have zero affiliation w/any of these vendors & cannot vouch for them, but that I merely found them as possible resources.

*Some of these link are affiliate, which means that if you click & buy through them, smilesmatter.info might receive a very small % of purchase. Any proceeds go directly back to the hosting/upkeep of the smilesmatter.info website. Thanks for supporting us!*

Where to Buy Smiley Face Buttons in Bulk:

Oriental Trading

Always a favorite with teachers, parents & anyone looking to buy party favors type items in bulk, Oriental Trading offers both buttons and stickers (and various designs in both).

48 Mini buttons for $5.39


From Seller bigkid1958, ships from Oklahoma.

$6.95 (+ shipping) for 48 1″ buttons

These from user decowords are a bit more expensive, but they are also just a bit larger at 1.25″. Another benefit is that they are made in the USA.

12 1.25″ buttons at $10.95 (+shipping)

These from user dailydealswarehouse ship from Georgia.

50 1″ buttons for $7.82

These from user dollardiscount9248 and also ship from Georgia.

48 1″ buttons for $7.99

This seller bp2223 sells these 1.25″ buttons in 20pk lots. You can get (1) 20pk/$12.87 or (4+) 20pks/$11.84ea. Ships from Texas & Made in the U.S.A.

This same seller also offers the smiley face buttons in smaller lots & some other cool options (like these sunglasses smileys).

Sold by seller Pace2001 and ships from New Jersey, these are 48 1″ buttons for $6.99 (+shipping).

There’s a few more ebay sellers out there selling these, but this will give you a place to start from.


Etsy tends to offer custom made items & it may be harder to find bulk purchases, but here’s a few options I found:

Angryrobot offers these w/magnet back options or traditional pin back.

1.5″ for $1.50+/ea

These from Roundwords could be fun if you’re trying to be extra cool.

Come in 1″ and 2.25″ size, a 3pk is $6.99 or $8.99

TinySharks has some good options too & allows you to buy in bulk. After 25 pieces, the price drops to ~$1/ea for the 1″size & ~$2.67/ea for 2.25″ size.

If you’re looking for colors other than traditional yellow, NocturnalAbyssArt offers a bunch of different colors to choose from. 1.25″ for $1.75/ea & 2.25″ for $3.00/ea.

Party Supply Stores

Zurchers Party Supply

48 1″ buttons for $5.38 (+ shipping)

Other Places

I’ve never shopped from 2DayDeliver, but they offer a 96pk for $21.78 and a 192pk for $26.75.

If you’re in the UK and want a button with “Reject Bad Science” & “Bring Back The Smile” written on it, BringBackTheSmile.org is selling them & promises to give 80% of the proceeds back to those harmed by lockdowns.

While these from Magnet America are a bit more expensive & are larger sized, I like that they have a magnet backing option. For long-term use, or frequent removal, these might be a good option for you.

2.25″ – 3″ Smiley Face button for $2.99+/ea (+ shipping)

For those of you in Canada, SmileyFaceButtons.ca has you covered! I love that they also include little cards to hand out with the buttons. I believe they are also ship to the US, but are based in CA. There’s also multiple colors offered,

1.25″ multi-colored Smiley Face buttons for $1.25/ea (+ shipping)

I’ll add more to this list when I find more places where to buy smiley face buttons!

If you want to print out some business sized cards to hand out (either with or without buttons), see here: